Saturday, 14 March 2009

Audi Etchells Worlds 2009 Protests

ruledjms For everybody who wants to have a look at how an International Jury writes up protests, have a look at:
In light of our exercises on Fact Finding Friday, a perfect way to read what is required.

Eleven protests were held during the Etchells Worlds 2009 and published on the official Jury notice board. Not only the particulars but the actual facts found. I've had a look and, although some of them are on the short side, all of the pertinent information is there.

And, as per usual, requests for redress take time the most…….

Here’s an example:

Protest Decision Protest Number: 02

Event: Audi Etchells Worlds 2009; Race Number: 2

Protesting Boat: Sail # 1219
Protested Boat: Sail # 994
Protest Details: 2nd windward beat

Facts Found

994 was contacted and declined to attend the hearing.
1219 was sailing to windward on starboard tack approx. 500 meters from the windward mark
994 was port tack on a converging course with 1219
994 hailed: "Cross or tack"
1219 did not respond to the hail
994 continued sailing to windward on port tack
1219 bore away to avoid contact with 994 and passed astern of her
There was no contact
Neither boat exonerated


994 on port tack was required by rule 10 to keep clear of 1219 and failed to do so. There was no obligation for 1219 to respond to the hail of 994. RRS 63.3 (b) applied

Rule(s) applicable


994 DSQ in Race 2

Jury Members

A. Wardle (Chairman), D. Sloan, E. Wold, I Kingsford-Smith & W. Bell .


I hope more and more event-web sites will have the facilities to publish this sort of protest information and that International Jury are willing to put in the extra effort of writing them on a computer.


  1. Wow!! For me some pretty good examples of the KISS principle.


  3. Some other examples of where the Jury has posted full protest details are:

    29er/49er Worlds, Jan 2008:

    Sail Melbourne Jan 2008 (a few protests):

    Paul Pascoe

  4. as a purist I'd say "neither boat exonerated" should be replaced "neither boat took a penalty" as exoneration can only be made by a protest committee.


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