Tuesday, 10 March 2009


On Scuttlebutt there's a lively discussion on the complexity of the rules. Comments left and right about the average sailor who does not understand what is written, let alone use it to his or her advantage on the water.

As a judge and rules freak I'm biased. I like the rules and find enjoyment in the use of them. But I spend a great deal of time on them and even for me there are grey areas.

MAST (Broad Reach Marketing - www.broadreachmarketing.net) has published a set of rules which enables a beginning sailor to enjoy a race, without having to spend to much time on learning the rules. THE BASIC SAILBOAT RACING RULES ALL RACERS SHOULD KNOW.

It's a little longer then the set ISAF published last year: Introductory Racing Rules, and a few small flaws have crept in, but basically it's a good start.

If you want people to enjoy racing without having to explain the intricacies of rule 18, give them the link or print a set out for them.

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  1. Very nice....but there is really no reason to have such a prominent error regarding penalty turns (i.e. two full turns, when the rules only call for two tacks and two gybes in the same direction). Same for the comments on hitting the mark ("one full turn"). Omitting the correct remendy is likely to cause heated discussions on the course and perhaps even a protest.


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