Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Duke City Model Yacht Club - Guide to Getting Started in Racing

Earl Boebert, Commodore of Duke City Model Yacht Club, send me this guide for beginning model boat racers:

He writes:
The target audience is individuals who have built their first R/C boat and are intimidated by the rules. I hope you find it of some small interest, and of course comments are always welcome. Download link: Intro Guide to Getting Started in Racing

From the document:
I n t r o d u c t i o n Welcome to the Duke City Model Yacht Club. Our primary activity is racing two classes of boats, the Soling One Meter and the RG65. Both classes use the same rules as the “big boats,” called the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) which includes an Appendix that adjusts the rules for radio control sailing. The purpose of this document is not to make you an expert on the rules or to teach you how to exploit the rules to your advantage in a race; rather, it is teach you enough to enable you to stay out of trouble. The rest is up to you.

Earl has been using the Protest Drawing Kit from Angelo, I wrote yesterday about, to clarify his writings with appropriate diagrams.

Red overlaps, Green, who overlaps Yellow, who overlaps Blue. Green and Red then also overlap Blue by the RRS Definition of “overlap.” Red, in particular must give the other three boats mark-room. If Blue came up from behind, she is entitled to mark-room from Yellow only if it is possible for Yellow to give it. (RRS 18.2(e)).

My experience in judging or umpiring model boats is very limited. This piece will give me some insights in what the differences are between them and any normal fleet race.

Earl would appreciate your comments, to improve his writings. Use the comments button or send him a mail (you can find his Email address at the end of the guide)


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