Wednesday, 18 March 2009

FTBD (16)

Not a lot of new things this month, but still I want to keep in with tradition and declare “Flog The Blog Day” once again. You know what to do…

I’ve changed the lettering of the front picture into Flux Architect to get in line with the bottom logo. (It was in Fanboy Hardcore). There’s a whole world of “Fonts” out there, almost to big to understand. Seems you can now make your own font from your handwriting if you so desire. Not for long we will type on our keyboards and get a old-fashioned handwritten message.

ruledjms Oh, some else that has returned: Moleskin Notebooks. You may have noticed the use of a couple of icons to that effect. I just bought the black Squared Notebook… beside the soft cover cahiers I’ve been using. Moleskine and Moleskine History

What else? Oh yes, the list. Not much progress there I’m afraid. And I’m still having trouble in getting to answer my mails… Sorry about that, to everybody who’s still waiting. I’ll get to you all .. eventually, I hope.

But don’t let that be a deterrent to send in your mails. I just have to use my time more efficiently.

I’m very happy with the new Fact Finding Friday series by Brass. He’s certainly putting some effort into them, don’t you think? I hope all Protest-writers out there, are using this opportunity to practice…

As the men from Monty Python Flying Circus would say: “Now for something completely new”

Since the new sailing season is about to get started here in the northern part of the Low lands, I will be going to events more and more. That means I’ll be less likely to have access to the blog or have time to write on it, during weekends. To compensate, I would very much appreciate your help!

Please send me (a) picture(s) of the event you are attending as a sailor or as an official (RC-member, RO, Judge, Umpire or whatever). The only thing I ask, is that in some way it has to involve the rules.

A mark-rounding to illustrate the use (or misuse) of mark-room. A boat with a red flag. The lady or guy from the protest desk receiving the form. The cover of your rulebook in the frame. Anything, but with a “rule-reference”. You can even just write a funny byline with the picture about the rules…..blueUmpiresquad from Essen 2008

Guess what color penalty was favorite with THE BLUE UMPIRE SQUAD FROM ESSEN 2008

Upon returning from my own event, I’ll sort those out and publish them on the blog with your story or one-liner attached. I will also try to use my own camera to that effect. If you don’t have a camera, ask a fellow sailor or official to snap one with his or hers. I’ll even accept a (very) short comic strip.

16 months LTW. Somehow we will get trough the next month as well…….


  1. Dear Jos;
    where are you in the picture?

  2. {lol}
    What made you suspect I was IN this picture....

    But you are right, of course. I'm the second from the left....that ini-mini tiny person in the frame....

  3. Thanks Jos;
    The photo changed absolutely your image which I have ever had .
    You are distinguished both as a scholar and a soldier (SAMURAI).

  4. More like SUMO-Wrestler you mean [G]
    But thanks for the compliment... Although, I don't have a master, does that make me RONIN?


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