Sunday, 22 March 2009

Flying a Kite according to the Rules

Did I say anything about the rules?
Yes, I did, didn’t I?

Well, anything it is…..

Google Alert kicked out a reference to Kitemovement. A blog with news and stories about Kitesurfing. On it a post about the new version of the rules for that discipline, including a couple of simplified versions.

I’ve followed the links and on the website of the International Kiteboarding Association found several to their rules:

ISAF Experimental Kiteboarding Competition Rulebook
International Kiteboarding Association Class Rules
Simplified General Rules
Simplified Course Racing Rules
World Ranking Point System

IKA R15 Determining an overlap must be very difficult.

Seems like Henri and Thibaut need to update there program’s. The pictures shows how to draw a board with a flying kite…..


  1. interesting post..thanks for the info!

  2. thanks,

    I'm taking some kite lessons this saturday. (They needed some guinea pigs for training new instructors...)


  3. Dear Hedwich,
    Please stay in one piece!
    And tell us about judging the overlap.


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