Sunday, 8 March 2009

Team Heiner Match Racing Winter Series 2009

Saturday 07 March 2009; 08:43 hours; arrival at Marina Haven; Lelystad, Team Heiner winter series Match Racing with two Max Fun 35s

09:05 hours; briefing with competitors
11:45 hours; Cold but sunny; Yellow; Port, keep clear boat with overlap, keeping clear
Blue; Starboard, right of way boat, holding
11:53 hours; Next down wind leg to the finish
14:01 hours; Blue on port on the layline to the windward mark, keep clear boat. Yellow on Starboard, right of way boat almost "at" the mark. Rule 18 not applicable.

My camera can also do some video. I thought I might try that. You can't zoom in and out while recording, this footage would have befitted from some wider angle shots.
For those of you who are wondering what I'm saying; (Yes, that is me talking to the other umpires in the boat) One boat on Starboard and one boat on Port (Klaartje) approaching the leeward mark. Port has an overlap on the inside and is therefore entitled to mark room.

After getting home and downloading the pictures and video on my computer, I discovered that sound is also recorded. I'll try to make a few "Umpire-speak" sessions in a fourth night (21th March) when this winter series will be concluded.

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  1. Too bad I couldn't be there. Looks like a nice winter day sailing!


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