Tuesday, 2 February 2010

AC 33 Jury | 2

Two statements regarding a decision of the AC 33 Jury appeared on the GGYC- and Alinghi website. They are about the use of water-ballast on board Alinghi.

"Competitors will be able to use water ballast in the coming 33rd America’s Cup commencing in Valencia on Monday, provided that the amount used to benefit performance is also in position when the boat is measured. "

This is to ensure that the maximum LWL (load water length) of 90 feet is not circumvented
Read more:
Statement by GGYC
Statement by Alinghi

As usual both parties have totally different approaches to the decision.
Hopefully the AC 33 Jury will publish the facts found, conclusion and decision soon, so we can have a look at their thinking. From the decision it is at least clear that all water-ballast that is to be used to enhanced performance, must be on board during measurement. It will be up to the measurer to make sure that it cannot be increased - and subsequently decreased - during racing.

Bring the wax and seal all pumps?


  1. But does the lenght LWL increase or decrease if the load is increased (with putting more water as ballast?)

    If the hull is shaped as a V, decreasing the wieght, releasing the water after the measurement would reduce the lentgh, not increase it (and in the same way during the measure, adding water to add weight would increase the LWL in the measure)

  2. Adding or decreasing ballast water (or drinking water, or fuel) can affect fore and aft trim and immersion, so, for certain hull forms, adding weight can achieve a different(typically bow-down) trim, with a decreased LWL.

    Doubt this will work for a Cat though.


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