Monday, 8 February 2010

ISAF Q&A 2010 - 005 & 006

The Q&A-panel has been active again and two new Q&A's have been published on the ISAF Website:

Number 005 in this year is about the conditions for a protest committee to reinstate an abandoned race.
Redress is a many splendoured thing. A PC can score a race even with the last mark-rounding. RC, you'd better have a rubber at that mark!
ISAF Q&A 2010 - 005

And number 006 is about the time limit for requesting redress after a race that has only a few finished boats because the others were over the time limit to finish. As the PC always has the possibility to extend the time limit for handing in a protest or request, it is essential to start counting from the right time. In this case the publication of the scoring (DNF) for the boats. And then - when it is clear that boats could not have seen that scoring when published - the PC can extend.
ISAF Q&A 2010 - 006

For those of you who wonder what the effing these Q&A's are, have a look at: Q&A-Introduction.
" Unlike the ISAF Cases, which are authoritative interpretations and explanations of the rules, these answers are solely to assist Race Officials in applying the rules consistently. "
I wonder what has happened to the expiration dates?


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