Friday, 19 February 2010

Spam, Spam, Spam, Eggs, Bacon and Spam

Like all who do some blogging or run a website my spamfilters are set fairly high. My provider has that possibility for my mailboxes. The rest is captured in my mail program and put into a secluded folder.
Because of this, sometimes a 'genuine' message gets labelled as SPAM.

We couldn't use E-mail any more if those preventive measures weren't available. Even our rulebook has a SPAM-rule! (Rule 41(d))

Yesterday I received an Email and I need some help from you as reader of LTW.
This is the message:

Boat Ramps - iPhone Application
Boat Ramps is a database-driven application that provides the fastest way to locate boat ramp and launching facilities. Boat Ramps provides an easy to use interface that places a database of over 45,000 ramps at your fingertips.
With ease Boat Ramps will provide a list of ramps in proximity to your current location. The proximity and number of results can be configured to fine tune the results of your search.
Boating away from your current location? No problem. Simply enter the desired location's zip code or select a city and Boat Ramps will provide you a list of possible ramps to launch your vessel.
How to get there? Once a ramp of interest is located its location can be fed to the built-in Maps application to obtain directions. Currently Boat Ramps provides boat ramp / launch locations for the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. Ramp / launch locations for additional countries may be added at a later date. Boat Ramps requires the iPhone OS 3.0 to run.
Latest Update:
    * Added the Ability for Users to Added Ramps to Database.
    * Added the Ability to Map All Ramp & Marina Results on the Map Simultaneously.
    * Added the Ability Search by Ramp, Marina, or Both.
    * Added Icons to Results to Identify Ramps, Marinas and Marinas with Ramps.
    * Added Phone Numbers to Marina Entries When Available.
    * Added Ability to Toggle Between a Standard, Satellite or Hybrid Maps.
Website Link:

iTunes Store Link

Contact: Derek Trauger  Ph: 386-801-4634

Should I consider this as SPAM and trow it out with the rest as garbage?
Or are you interested to read about this and other similar 'press'-releases on LTW?


  1. Spam. Sailing (well, boating) spam, but still spam.

  2. Yes Jos, I am very much interested in more cultural highlights like this.
    Tommorrow on Saturday I am requested to tell something about umpiring to a group of judges. I wanted to show some of your perfect AC33 infos and video. Great to have Bills original info in you blog.
    And now - in best timing you are offering Monthy Python...
    Forget about boat ramps - continue like you are doing.
    Many thanks
    Stephan Zeyn

  3. I've just had a look at his website if you could call it that.

    Don't really know what to think of it but it is of no value to boaters.

    Spam it.


  4. If you didn't ask for it, it's spam.

    If I want what is being advertised, I can search for it myself.

    Every time one responds to spam, it encourages spammers to send even more for us to deal with.

  5. Some general matters are of interest. Sift most, but if in doubt and it is relevant leave to the end user. This is a Rules Blog, if not rules or related it is not for here.

    Mike B

  6. I'll exchange the Bacon and Eggs for Spam and Spam and not tell the Vikings.

  7. My vote is "spam" - I think you have a very carefully defined niche blog, and there is no need to clutter it up with general boating advertising. If they aren't willing to pay to advertise on your blog, then they really aren't interested in getting to your particular demographic. Where to draw the line is always difficult, but I'd suggest that rulebooks, textbooks, and magnetic kits for lessons/hearings are definitely 'in', and anything outside of racing is out.

    Gregg Horne


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