Sunday, 21 February 2010

Sunday Rules Snap | Soft versus Wing

In a blogpost on SailRaceWin published today, a couple nice pictures were posted: Dubai Traditional 60ft Dhow Sailing Championships: Heat One.

Since I spend half a year in Dubai as a trainee, my interest was peeked.
I know (very) little about the traditional Dhows that are sailed there, but they sure are beautiful. I never got the chance to sail on one, only visited a builders-yard to see the frame, alas.
Anyway here's the picture:

Image copyright Ashraf Al Amra.

This particular photo struck me as a Port - Starboard situation between the 'softes' sail possible and the ultimate wing!
Since I'm a civil engineer it also is a picture of the two things that take much of my time...
And it sure makes me wish this FFing winter comes to an end....

1 comment:

  1. That looks like an enormous amount of sail for the size of the boat. How is that rig in terms of efficiency?

    I'd guess it flies off the wind, but can't point very well.


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