Thursday, 11 February 2010

International 420 Class - 2010 Class Rules permit use of Electronic Compasses

The International 420 Class Association has published Amendments to the Class Rules for 2010.
Of interest for sailors and officials is that electronic compasses are now permitted! N.B: These class rules go into effect 1st March 2010. You still have a couple of weeks to go shopping.

From the amended class rules:

Rule C.5.1 (a)(2) – Permit Electronic Compasses
Amendment: Replace existing rule with:
“C.5.1. a.2) One compass fixed to a mounting bracket. The compass shall not recess into either side tank or deck. The mounting bracket may be attached on the mast or may be used to close the mast gate. If electronic, only a compass with heading, heading memory and timing functions is permitted.”

Better make sure that your new compass does not exceed the limitations.

The 420 is still a pretty big class, with over 56.000 registered boats. I wonder how long it will take to trickle down to other dinghy classes?
What do you think? Do you want an electronic compass on your boat?


  1. So, that'll be allowing the standard Tacktick Micro (T060 is the current one) that so so many people use across many classes- at least, all the classes I've raced allow them, and TackTick's page indicates it's legal in most classes (though they have a tick next to the 420 already?)- page is here:

    I don't think there will be much "trickle down"- Tacktick brackets are common place on boats in UK dinghy parks at least. There's nowhere for them to "trickle down" to!

  2. The Laser is still a hold-out against electronic compasses but maybe this news will spur the Laser class to allow them too.

  3. As electronics equipments are becoming cheaper than mechanics equipments...this trend is obvious!

  4. The Albacore class has allowed electronic compasses for some time.


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