Saturday, 27 February 2010

iPhone app: Racing Rules of Sailing

The Racing Rules of Sailing 1.0 | Score: NR | Price: $5.99
Release Date : Feb 27 , 2010

The United States Sailing Association (US SAILING) is proud to present the official iPhone application for The Racing Rules of Sailing for 2009-2012 Including the US SAILING Prescriptions.

The Racing Rules of Sailing app is for you if you are an avid sailor looking for instant access to the official rules and signals.

With this application you will be prepared to answer any rules or signal questions that arise.
Features :

  • The only rules app approved by US SAILING Every rule, appendix and definition available at the touch of a finger
  • Simple navigation
  • Images and descriptions of all the signal flags
  • Convenient word, numeric and phrase search function
  • Bookmarking feature for your most referenced to rules and definitions US SAILING is the national governing body for sailing in the United States.

ISAF is the governing body for the rules of sailing in other jurisdictions.

Please contact the appropriate governing body in your jurisdiction with questions regarding the Rules of Sailing.

From: The Racing Rules of Sailing 1.0 for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad | (bekijken via Google Sidewiki)

Update 10-03-2010
Received an Email from Brass about this app:

Dear Jos, I just saw this on SA:
It was pointed out to me by a friend last night that the US Sailing Rules app has some incorrect definitions under 'postponements': AP over A and AP over N the defs are wrong. The app is great how it hyperlinks words to other pages. My bro wants his $5.99 back. I'll buy it when it gets fixed.

If you want to go to the forum: Go here
I wonder what on earth the Americans think AP over N means?
Regards, Brass
Can anybody tell me what the app says AP over A and AP over N means?


  1. A very nice and useful application. I like the links in the text to the mentioned rules and definitions. I like the search function. I hope USSailing will add the appendices in the near future.

  2. The flag label/(incorrect postponement) text issue has been resolved as of the 1.012 update.


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