Friday, 5 February 2010

AC 33 Jury | 5

The decision of the AC 33 Jury in the first hearing is now also available:

Jury Decision AC 33/02

Although this hearing was the first on Tuesday, the publication and subsequent numbering makes this the second Jury decision in AC33.

It's about measurement and water ballast.
With a deep sigh I've read the paper. And again, and again....
I'm still not sure what to make of it. I do not have enough understanding of the boats and the influence of ballast on the LWL.

In short: The AC 33 Jury believes in the Measurer and leaves it up to him. Requests denied.

Both requests in this hearing strike me as not being requests for redress at all.
Like the ones I posted about yesterday, more like being "requests for interpretation".
But since we don't have such a 'horse' in the rules....

I have tried to get my hands on a copy of "The Rules of Procedure for the Jury" but no luck so far. That is a document that outlines how the Jury works, and is a governing document for the conduct of the Jury. Perhaps a special section on Pre-Race disputes should be incorporated (or is, for al I know) in that document.


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