Thursday, 4 February 2010

Update for UK-Halsey Rules Quizzes program with a Racing Rules of Sailing -Test

From the UK-Halsey Newsletter:

Dear UK-Halsey Racing Rules Program Owner,

In an effort to find better and better ways to teach the racing rules of sailing, the rules experts at UK-Halsey have come up with something new. We have developed a multiple choice test designed to help you apply the rules to common race-course scenarios. Instead of trying to "catch” you with tricky questions, we want you to learn the rules of common situations so that you will immediately know your rights and obligations when you get into similar situations on the race course.
This test is a free addition to the Rules Program that you purchased. We purposely made the program a download instead of a physical CD so that we could provide no-cost upgrades this during the four-year rule cycle. This is a huge improvement to the program and we hope that you enjoy it.
You'll find the test and the answers in the Lifted Tack section of the program. To get the test, just update your UK-Halsey Rules Quiz program. To do so, open the program while your computer is online. In the bottom right of the program's home page you will see in white letters, "Update Available”. Click there to start the process. You will not have to be online to take the test.

You can take the test as many times as you want. To find out how your score ranks against the average score, e-mail your score to If you include your answers to all the questions, we will send you our International Code Flag decal, which helps decode race course signals. The easiest way to send your answers is to make a screen capture of your answer sheet.
Please feel free show the program with its animated quizzes, the rules test, and the program's videos to your friends. The more people who learn the rules, the more fun racing will be for everyone.
Finally, it is our plan to keep adding tests to the program. They will be shorter, themed tests that have to do with situations at sections of the race course, e.g., starting line rules, rules at the windward mark, etc. Stay tuned and keep watching for the "Update Available” prompt on the home page of the rules program.


blogcolorstripeI’ve done the test and came away with a score of 97%. Not perfect! I answered question 16 incorrectly. You’ll will have to take the test to see why.

A good tool to test your knowledge and understanding of the rules. With the correct answers, a comprehensive and clear explanation is provided. So you learn from your mistakes.

For those of you who are serious in learning the RRS, the UK-Halsey Rules Quiz program is very good tool. Like the newsletter says, no trickery or impossible scenarios. Basic situations you’ll come across in almost every race.

And wouldn’t it be great to be sure of what your rights and obligations are, in those situations?



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