Monday, 22 February 2010

Heads UP: New rules videos on Sailgroove

Just a heads up -- Matt Knowles just posted three new videos on Sailgroove about the latest calls for 2010:
Or have a look at: New Rules Calls for 2010 at

Particularly the last one - about what is sailing "to the mark" and being "at the mark" is also of interest for Fleet and Team racers.

If you want to read the official text of the publications go to new Team Race Call Book for E10, the RR Team Call 2010/001 and the RR Match Race Call 2010/001 on the ISAF Site.

The only thing I wish - as being an umpire/judge active in all disciplines - that what is applicable for one is also applicable for the other. For instance: the situation in RRTR Call 2010/001 is NOT applicable in Match Racing because of the new rule C2.12. which states that if the outside boat is not able to give mark room she does not have to.

But then again if sailing wasn't complicated - it wouldn't be half the fun it is now.

Oooh, thanks Chris, for your heads up!

1 comment:

  1. One interesting question is how umpires in a team race should think about at/to the mark in light of MR-RR-2010/001. As an umpire, I like the explanation, and would find it "persuasive" even though not binding in team racing.


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