Wednesday, 2 January 2008


Some unfinished business from 2007:
Fourth and final part of a four week series on Mondays. Every week a part of ISAF 100 Questions about the Racing Rules of Sailing; Today part 4; questions 76 - 100.
Answer each question by writing T(=true) or F(=false) after it, and find the appropriate rule.

The last two columns appear to be empty; but if you change the character colour to anything but white, the answers and rules I think are applicable, will appear. But beware, I might be wrong.
NB: These questions are written under the RRS 2001-2004 rulebook. Let me know if you think the answer is different under RRS 2005-2008.

For part 1 go to this post
For part 2 go to this post
For part 3 go to this post


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