Sunday, 20 January 2008


The third Umpire Call for you today, is derived from a America's Cup incident:
As before, click on the picture to see the animated sequence.

What is your decision?

Static image: UMP_LTW003s.gif
Answers after the break
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Tactical Sailing Situations diagram: UMP_LTW003.tss
What the umpires saw:

* Before the start Blue was sailing down wind on port tack.
* Yellow completed a tack onto starboard , reached a collision course at position 3
* Blue did nothing until position 3 and gybed in position 4.
* Yellow had to alter her course in position 4 to avoid a collision.

Rules applicable: Rule 10 and 15
Blue keeps clear and Yellow has to give room, which she does
No rules broken, no penalty; Green/White Flag


  1. Hi Jos,

    I don't know how much time there was between sit 3 and 4 but when is rule 15 no longer applicable and does rule 16.1 kick in?

  2. Two things: First, these are BIG boats, (AC) so it takes time to respond.
    Two; 16.1 does not apply because Yellow is changing course to avoid Blue. The collision is eminent before, not because of a change in course of the r-o-w boat.
    Before the tack Yellow is r-o-w boat, (rule 11), she becomes keep clear boat when she passes head to wind (rule 13), and again becomes r-o-w boat when on a close hauled course.
    At that pos (3), she obliged to give Blue opportunity to respond under rule 15. Blue only has to respond after Yellow becomes r-o-w boat in pos 3 and does so by gybing and luffing to pass in front.
    Yellow luffs to avoid the collision and because she has not given Blue enough room to respond.


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