Friday, 11 January 2008


Another Umpire Call for you today:
As before, click on the picture to see the animated sequence
J22; Beaufort 3; Calm Sea.
Blue & Yellow approach windward mark.
Blue enters 2-length zone clear ahead.
Yellow establishes an inside overlap in pos 3.
Blue protests in pos 5.
Yellow leaves the zone clear ahead..
What is your decision?
Static image: UMP_LTW002s.gif
Answers after the break
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Rules applicable:
RRS 18.2(c) (pos 1, Yellow keeps clear)
RRS 18.2 (c) switches off in pos 3 because Blue passes head to wind
RRS 18.2 (a) Yellow becomes inside boat in pos 3
Blue keeps clear.
No rules broken, no penalty
; Green/White Flag


  1. Shouldn't the last part be

    RRS 18.2 (a) Yellow becomes inside boat in pos 3
    Blue gives room.

    Yellow hasn't gained right of way yet has she?

  2. Thans Sprockhövel, you are absolutely right! In pos 3 Blue is still ROW boat and doesn't lose it until she passed head to wind in 4,
    Good catch!


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