Friday, 25 January 2008

Holland - Friesland Team Racing

Yesterday evening I went to a rules-lecture for some local Team Racing sailors.
Twice a year two Dutch provinces, Holland and Fryslan, compete in a couple of team races in a National Class boat called "Regenboog" The boats are among the biggest wooden boats sailed here on the inland lakes. Both teams designate 5 boats from there fleets to sail against each other and we as umpires, chase them in 5 rubber boats with 2 umpires each. Normal team racing is done in teams of 3 boats, but tradition dictates these guys use five. This means it gets complicated and hectic very quickly. Not only for the sailors themselves, but for umpires as well.
It is, however, a sight to see. A lot of spectators, who of course want to be as close as possible, and when there's a little wind, big waves. Spectacular!

We discussed the casebook for team racing extensively yesterday evening. I was not there to give the lecture, but to tell the team about the viewpoint of the umpires. In direct judged sailing this has an impact on how you should treat some of the rules.

There was a discussion on the obligation of a boat who had received a penalty, to sail well clear of the other boats as soon as possible. Can such a boat force a opposite team boat within the rules, say to windward. A boat does not loose her rights under the rules as long as she is not taking the penalty, but if she luffs an opponent head to wind, is that still " sailing clear as soon as possible"? She could have gybed and luffed the other way, that would get her well clear much sooner.
What is your view?

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  1. A penalised boat does not loose her rights, but is obligated to sail clear to take the penalty turn as soon as possible.

    If she luffs an opponent to oblidge, she can. If she luffs an opponent with an other purpose then to sail clear to take the penalty as soon as possible she infringes rule 44.2


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