Thursday, 31 January 2008

Useful Books?

In the little time I've left, I'm currently trying to read two books which might benefit my understanding of the rules and and help me in the protest room.
Totally different and - being a fiction reader all my live - somewhat challenging.

The first one is "Room at the Mark" by Robert C. MacArthur, A history of the development of yachts, yacht clubs, yacht racing, and the racing rules.

Excerpt from page 2:
The word "yacht" came into the English language through one of those accidents of history only peripherally related to the subject. In 1649, upon the beheading of Charles I by Oliver Cromwell's followers, his young son fled in disguise and went into exile in Holland, where he remained until 1660. There he learned to sail. Shortly after the death of Cromwell in that year, the young prince was invited to return to England and ascend the throne. Thereupon, the City of Amsterdam and the Dutch East India Company, perhaps making a hopeful investment in future corporate advantage, gave him a small jaghtschiffe of about 50 feet to sail home in. He called the vessel a yacht. He soon had another sent from Holland for his brother, the Duke of York, and the two of them spent many a happy afternoon racing up and down the Thames. During their lifetimes, they owned a dozen more yachts. All built in England, they were built deeper and deeper until the last of them did not require the standard Dutch accessory for windward work - leeboards.

I knew we did something right, investing in the future....

The second on is "The Definitive Book of BODY LANGUAGE" by Allan & Barbara Pease.
From page 153:

Sailors beware, from now on I can tell if you are uncertain....


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