Monday, 28 January 2008

US Sailing Judges Study Questions 2003

For this weeks rules test I've dug out another golden oldie: from 2003; the US SAILING Judges Workshop Study Questions. In this test you have to answer 100 statements/questions with True or False. If you want, you can also find out in addition, which rule is involved. There are a couple of questions regarding specific USA regulations, only interesting for those of you who participate in PCs in North America. If you don't, just skip those.
As always, if you need help or have comments, don't hesitate to use the comments-button below.

This evening I'll prepare tomorrow's post about the RYA Winter Challenge act 4, I've been to this weekend. We did have a couple of interesting calls. I'll also upload my very first - self made - event photos. Please be patient.


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