Saturday, 12 January 2008


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The Rapid Response Match Racing Call 2007-002 has resurfaced on the ISAF website. It was - and still is - not reachable on the dedicated response calls' page, but has appeared on the recent document list. Go here: RRMRC 2007-002
The call itself talks about rule 18.1, 18.2(c) and 18.2(d)
- Rounding and Passing Marks and Obstructions: When This Rule Applies,
- Rounding and Passing Marks and Obstructions: Giving Room; Keeping Clear
Interesting is that rule 18.2(c) applies to the boat who entered the zone clear ahead, much longer than 18.2(d)! As long as the clear astern boat is still passing the mark, the clear ahead boat can gybe in front of it, protected by 18.2(c), only restricted by 16.1. The latter, because he's no longer changing course "to round or pass" the mark, and 18.2(d) ceases to apply.


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