Friday, 25 January 2008

Appendix P changed in 2008

Instead of waiting for the next rule cycle after the Olympic Games, the council of the ISAF approved that the anticipated change in Appendix P, can be used already in 2008 by changing the Sailing Instructions (SI)
As a result of these decisions, the Racing Rules Working Party has written a new version of Appendix P in Sailing Instruction format that can be used at any event by a simple sailing instruction. They called it ‘SI Appendix P’ in order to minimise confusion, especially for competitors. This new version was used at the 49er/29er World Championship and Sail Melbourne without problems and with the support of all the classes sailing.

There are a number of key differences from Appendix P in the 2005-2008 rule book. The automatic ‘retire from all races in the series’ has been removed for the third penalty, unless the competitor fails to retire from the race.
Judges on the water now ‘penalize’ a boat. They no longer ‘protest’ the boat. This is really how the vast majority of sailors see the Yellow flag and how many judges talk. So now the boat has no option but to take the appropriate penalty as in the table above. Judges can no longer hide behind the competitors ‘acknowledging the breach’!

You can download the complete ROC Newsflash here.


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