Monday, 21 January 2008

Pre Event Checklist (Match Race)

New on the ISAF Site: Pre event checklists for Chief Umpires:

Following is a set of issues that need to be addressed before the event. This check list is helpful for the OA in planning the event, and should be communicated with the OA Umpire Liaison as soon as you are appointed. For lower graded events and local events, this list may be too formal and detailed. For a local Grade 5 one day event, many of the items on this list will not be necessary. Feel free to modify as appropriate. Many times, the details can be covered in a phone call to the OA.

For higher graded events or events with a long history, likely these items have already been taken care of; however, this check list helps to establish a working relationship with the OA.

I've put the download page in the FORMS list in the side bar, or go here


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