Saturday, 18 October 2008

FTBD (11)

As usual 'Flog the Blog Day' has come again. Well, as usual? I wouldn't have predicted when I started that I would be able to keep blogging this long already. Determined to do it, yes. Having fun doing it, yes. But actually keeping it up? Not by a long shot....

Anyway, regular readers know what this 18th of the month means, but for all the new readers joined this month, here's the scoop:

Each 18th of the month I write about blogging and this blog. I also invite you, as readers specifically, to give a comment on how to do that. Tell me I should include a particular link, post about a specific event or rule, but also on layout, features you like, post you dislike, subjects I should avoid or people I should ask to write a guest post. Please, flog away, I might actually listen and do something you want....

Of the projects in store for you, I can tell you only that it has been very slow going. In the pipeline are interviews with Olympic Jury members, more posts about RRS2009-2012 and perhaps some developments in an E-book on how to be a Protest-Committee-member.

Picture of the Erasmus bridge in Rotterdam

I'm away from my computer this weekend, doing some umpiring at a National Team Race event in Rotterdam. I'd better read up on appendix D!



  1. Those boats look massive! What do you team race in over there?

  2. Hi Jos,

    I am fine with your blog so far.
    As you have noticed, I did join not so long time ago.

    To give some feedback on what I have experienced so far, the following;

    The blog is fine, but rather would like to see some more “light” in the background. Go from black- to some more beauty color.

    Further I will try to keep up with your pace and give it another month before I start to flog away.

    Subjects which I like about your blog:
    1. You do have a continued Global approach
    2. A helicopter view as well
    3. Challenging your blog ”members” with questions
    4. Various subjects to give you the feeling to keep connected in this special world of sailing
    5. More to follow….

    Enjoy your umpiring at the National Team Race.
    With best regards,


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