Thursday, 23 October 2008

Seminar Preparations | 9

In order for you to calculated the score correctly in yesterday's question, you need Appendix A! (hint, hint, nudge, nudge)
Secondly you also need the SI. Organizers change things in the SI. Specially for medal races there are double points and probably no discards allowed. So you need to assume a couple of things.

The intent of all IJ-test questions is to give you all the information you need, no more and no less. If you feel you need to assume a fact or a premise, don't think up something new. As with yesterday's question, go for the most "normal". Oh, be sure to point out your assumption in the debrief afterwards. Questions can always be improved.

The correct order for the ten boats, with one discard in the first six races, double points for race seven is, and the medal race deciding ties:

Sail# Points discard results
1 1102 23 7 16
2 216 39 8 31
3 1103 41 10 31
4 1068 42 10 32
5 1013 58 25 33
6 18 43 8 35
7 1064 64 25 39
8 1045 58 14 44
9 908 57 12 45
10 892 65 12 53

(UPDATED 23/10/08-16:24 hours)

The tie between two and three is broken in favor of 216 because of her second place in the medal race.

Today's final question in this preparation series, is about rule 69 and redress. Or to be more accurate, a question were you can test how quickly you can look up something in the rulebook. I've included this because during the test you are allowed to keep your (clean) rulebook and check. So if you know your way around in the structure, you can quickly find the appropriate rule and check your answer. Mind, if you need to read before answering, it will take too much time...

I suggest you time yourself. Here's the question:
Can a boat ask for redress when a competitor has been warned in a rule 69 hearing?

Tomorrow the IJ-seminar in Ghent will start. I wish all who participate a good time and all candidates best of luck in the test!



  1. Answer is NO. A warn is not a penalty (RRS 62.1d)

  2. A boat can ask for redress under rule 62.1(b) and also may appeal to the MNA under rule 70.1.

  3. Should 1013 not be 5th?

  4. Sorry I made a mistake in the latest comment;
    rule 62.1(b) ---> 62.1(d)

  5. @anonymous: Correct! 1013 SHOULD be fifth!
    I'll change it.

  6. Yes - a warning is disciplinary action under 69.1(b) as referred to in 62.1(d). Either a warning or a penalty is sufficient to allow redress to be considered.

    And for good reason, if a boat receives a warning - a "slap on a wrist" - why should the other boat which is the victim suffer because of that?


  7. Can a boat ask for redress when a competitor has been warned in a rule 69 hearing:
    62.1(d) says penalty and this is not a warning, conclusion: NO

  8. Luigi and Jan, You have not read rule 62.1(d) correctly. Rule 62.1(d) means that a redress applies where a boats score is made worse by a boat

    1) against which a penalty has been imposed under rule 2 OR

    2) against which disciplinary action has been taken under rule 69.1(b).

    Rule 69.1(b) includes two sorts of 'disciplinary action':

    1) a warning, and
    2) a penalty.



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