Thursday, 2 October 2008

TP 52 Protest Writing Competition; FINALS

The polls have closed on the first round in our TP 52 Protest writing competition. It was a close call indeed. At first Luigi ran from well behind, but in the last days he has come back strongly.

For boat pair 1 (Boat c vs D) Luigi and Norm ran neck on neck until the very end. Because the final outcome was an undecided, I have included them BOTH in the finals: you can vote for one of them.
1_Luigi Bertini TP52 Protest CvsD
1_Norm Smit TP52 Protest CvsD

Final poll stats: 28 people voted, exactly 50% for each

Luigi send in the only protest about pair 2 (boat F vs E) so that has earned him a second spot in the finals:
2_Luigi Bertini TP52 Protest FvsE

Finally our contestant from Japan. He beat Luigi (agian) with a single vote in boat pair 3 (boat G vs F):
3_Sen Yamaoka TP52 Protest GvsF

Final poll stats: 27 people voted, 2 (7% for Hedwich, 11 (40%) for Luigi, 2 (7%) for Mike and 12 (44%) for Sen.

As with the first round, you can vote for the finalist in the poll in the sidebar.
Winner will receive the Magnetic Protest Boat Kit, free of charge.


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