Monday, 13 October 2008

Seminar Preparations | 1

Next weekend and the weekend after that two IJ Seminars are going to be held. The first one in Bulgaria (17-19 October) and the second one in Belgium (24-26 October).

To give you some incentive and help - beside all the stuff you can already download from the download page - I will try to come up with some test questions:

Here's number one: (From Dave Perry's 100 Best Racing Rules Quizzes)
In a valid protest the following facts were found:
  • Boat X is approaching a downwind finishing line in very light air.
  • There is a strong current moving across the race course.
  • Just before finishing boat X is swept by the current onto the anchor line of the race committee boat marking one end of the finish line.
  • By holding onto the line for about 15 seconds, the crew of X keeps her from touching the committee boat
  • A slight puff of winds fills her sails, enabling X to gain forward speed and finish.
  • Boat Y protests X for touching the mark. RRS 31.
You are in the Protest Committee. What is your conclusion and how would you decide this protest?



  1. Conclusion: boat X only touched the anchor line of the race comittee. No contact occurred between boat X and RC boat.

    Decision: By Definition: Mark: ... "An anchor line and objects attached
    temporarily or accidentally to a mark are not part of it"
    No rule is infringed. Protest dismissed

  2. May I suggest to help the partecipants in cleary understending what is Fact and what is Conclution also?

  3. Rule 31 not infiniged because the anchor line is not part of the mark. Consider rule 42, though. She is using more than wind and water to maintain her speed. You can, though, apply force to get clear after colliding with an object.

    I think if the crew had pulled themselves forwards on the anchor line so as to get clear, that would have been OK. By holding on to maintain speed, they break rule 42.


  4. As Luigi and anon have written, RRS 31 is not broken.

    If the crew only held the anchor line, they did not infringe rule 42.

    Anchoring is allowed (see RRS 45). Standing in place the crew can also step out of the boat, stand at the bottom of the lake, hold the hull, re-enter and start, providing the crew did not push the boat from its position. The current is not a factor here. Optimist sailors also find shallow water on rivers and stick their centerboard in the mud to stay put.

    If all they did was waiting for the wind and let go of the line, they are ok.

    If their keel would become entagled with the anchor line, I would allow also some action in order to free the boat.

  5. Brothers-in-sailing: i was in the last seminar in Austria. The MAIN thing is not use Facts as Conclution and viceversa. I was also in the seminar in Istanbul last year (with Andraz) and my best suggestion is READ ALL THE WORDS IN THE QUESTION and SEARCH EVERY RULES IN THE BOOK even if you are sure.

  6. Dear Luigi;
    Sorry for my long silence.
    Sen, far away from Japan.


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