Friday, 17 October 2008

UK-Halsey Racing Rules Blog

I get up early enough to check mail and write a few sentences each morning. This morning I was glad I had an extra half an hour to tell you about a new feature on the UK-Halsey website. Although I have a Google alert on "Racing Rules of Sailing" running, this time Scuttlebutt beat me to the punch.

This new Racing Rules Blog is by Butch Ulmer, president of UK Halsey International, who writes about the changes in the new rules. He already has a couple of posts about the definitions up on his blog. He also gives readers the opportunity to ask questions and will answer them online.

Also writing in a guest post is Rob Overton, one of the members of the rule 18 working party. Together with Chris Atkins and Richard Thompson, from the UK, and Ben Altman and Dick Rose, from the USA
, he was responsible for the rewriting of rule 18. His post addresses the sailing "to" and "at" the mark we came across earlier.

UK Halsey will also redo their rule quizzes to get in line with RRS 2009-2012 (expected in December)

You can read the official press release here

And the link to the Rules Blog:
Racing Rules Blog

Update: 22/10/2008
Butch Ulmer has posted a new blogpost linking to my blog:
and I can already see the increase in traffic. Thanks Butch!



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