Thursday, 30 October 2008

Ladies Only 2008

Tomorrow (well actually later today) I'm driving to Hamburg for a Match Race Event: Ladies Only organized by the Hamburger Segel-Club e.V. I've been going to this event for a couple of years running. This year my friend Manuel hasn't been pulling the cart - so to speak and I'm curious what will happen. He was the "motor" behind getting HSC and Hamburg this event and has been instrumental in getting the European Championship Match Racing there in 2007 as well. Ladies Only coincides with a big boat show in Hamburg: Hanseboat.
Due to our umpire duties we haven't been able to visit the "Bootshallen", but perhaps this year.

Sailing takes place in the center of the city on lake Alster where the club has it's marina and club house. Travel time about four and a half hours. It will be like going back to an old "haunt". I'm looking forward to it.

Because of my limited time, I'm not sure I will be able to post, but I'll bring my lap-top and will try. In the meantime I'm leaving you an Umpire Call to ponder about:

During the pre-start, Yellow and Blue are both on the same tack with Yellow clear ahead. Both are moving astern by backing their sails and are still not overlapped. Yellow gains a little more speed and makes a light contact with her rudder and the bow of Blue. Blue signals protests with a Yankee Flag.
What is your decision?

(Note to self: Take a couple of colored clothes pegs; colored windward marks)



  1. Penalty to Blue. Rule 20.3 applies both so previous scenario was "clear ahead - clear astern".
    Situation seems to be started some time before and there is no indication about hunting or changin course from Y so no 16 applies.
    No 15 applies because Y was non "aquiring" the ROW in that moment but well before.

  2. If only one boats moves astern, rule 20.3 applies, which is not a case here, so RRS 12 applies.
    As Luigi said, 15 and 16 do not apply.
    Penalty for blue.

  3. I agree with Luigi, and there's also a call about this one (surely you based the question on that), namely UMP 38:

    Rule 20.3 does not apply, because both boats are moving astern by backing a sail. According to the definition Blue is clear astern and therefore required by rule 12 to keep clear. Whether one boat is clear astern of another or overlapped with her does not depend on the direction of motion of either boat.


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