Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Seminar Preparations | 3

Answers for SP | 2:
Conclusion and rules that apply:

Rules that apply are RRS 10, 14 and 62.1(b)
Cadet 800 on Port did not keep clear of Cadet 900 on Starboard-tack. Cadet 900, the right-of-way boat, acted to avoid contact with Cadet 800 when it was clear that Cadet 800 was not keeping clear and the contact caused damage.
Cadet 900’s finishing place in race X has, through no fault of her own, been made significantly worse by physical damage because of the action of a boat that was breaking a rule of Part 2.

Cadet 800 is DSQ for Race X. Cadet 900 is granted redress under RRS 62. Cadet 900 is to be scored points equal to the average, to the nearest tenth of a point (0.05 to be rounded upward), of her points in all the races in the series, except the race in question, RRS A.10 (a), which is race X
@Gordon: You are not wrong deciding Cadet 900 broke rule 14.
I do however want to tell all who are preparing for the test: Read what is written!
If something is not specifically stated, assume that it is not the case. In a proper hearing you can ask questions about an issue like this. If Cadet 900 was late in responding. But not in the test. So read carefully!

New Question SP | 3:

A boat named 'Marion' hands in a request for redress. She was scored OCS in race two by the race Committee. On the form she claims that due to the fact that she started at the middle of the line, her view toward the pin-end starting mark was blocked by several other boats.
She had - for that purpose - sighted the line when she came to the starting area between 10 to 8 minutes before the warning signal and had established a background point which was visible during the start. The Race Committee changed the position of the pin-end starting mark after that.

Which fact(s) does the PC need to grant this boat redress?
And how would you score 'Marion' in race 2 if that is done?


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  1. The Protest Committee needs to find when the Race Committee changed the position of the pin-end starting mark.
    Because the race committee may move a starting mark no later than the preparatory signal under rule 27.1.
    Had the race committee moved the starting mark later than the preparatory signal, Marion shall be reinstated in her finishing position in race 2 and other boat's positions shall be adjusted accordingly.
    Whereas the race committee moved the starting mark no later than the preparatory signal, Marion's request for redress shall be denied.


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