Tuesday, 7 October 2008

ISAF Submissions 2008 part 3 | Call Books

Final part in this series about Submission for the ISAF November conference deals with calls for the Team - and Match Race call books:
  1. Submission 155-08: Deletion of Team Race Calls: B5, D9, D10, E9 and J2. They are all no longer relevant under the new rules.
  2. Submission 156-08: Deletion of Match Race Calls: Call MR 26 because it no longer has standing under the new rules.
  3. Submission 157-08: New Team Race Call D9, to clarify the circumstances under which mark-room includes room to tack and how the new exoneration rule is to be applied in those situations.
  4. Submission 158-08: New Team Race Call D10. The call is needed to clarify details around the new rules about obstructions, and to provide consistency in umpiring a situation that occurs in team racing.
  5. Submission 159-08: New Team Race Call H5. When rule 18.2(b) applies between two boats and the boat entitled to mark-room is taking the mark-room to which she is entitled, she will be exonerated under rule 18.5 (b) for breaking rule 16 when she is rounding a mark on her proper course. When the change of course is not consistent with rounding the mark on her proper course, a breach of rule 16 will not be exonerated.
  6. Submission 160-08: New Team Race Call M7; A new Call based on Rapid Response Team Racing Call 2008/002 about taking penalties.
  7. Submission 161-08: New Team Race Call M8; A new Call based on Rapid Response Team Racing Call 2008/003 about penalties initiated by Umpires - Breach of Sportmanship
  8. Submission 162-08: New Team Race Call J6; A new Call based on Rapid Response Team Racing Call 2008/004 edited to comply with the 2009-2012 Rules. About breaking an overlap near a leeward mark.
  9. Submission 163-08: New Team Race Call L6; A new Call based on Rapid Response Team Racing Call 2008/005 about sailing back to a previous leg and rule 22.2
With maybe a few changes in wording, these Calls will all make it into the Call books.They are based on Rapid Response Calls and therefore went already trough a thorough "vetting" process.


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