Saturday, 11 October 2008


Krantz will arrange race without rules

Gurra Krantz will simplify the sailing sport, he wants to arrange a race without rules!

Translated from an article in SEILAS by Mikkel Thommessen
The experienced sailor Gurra Krantz, with a America's Cup and Volvo Ocean Race participation behind them, will renew the sailing sport. He believes there's need for simplification.

The well-known Swedish Sailor, in Alicante as Cicerone for Volvo's guests to the start of the Volvo Ocean Race tomorrow, Krantz, who was Helm of the Swedish America's Cup boat "Sweden" in San Diego in 1992 and has four world races behind him, today is a sought after lecturer in management issues.

He has clear views on how sailing can be developed to be more understandable to the public and more interesting for sailors. " Remove all rules, "said Gurra Krantz, " but if there is contact between the boats, disqualify both ".

Krantz plans to try and arrange such a race in Sweden next year. " Something must be done to lift the sailing sport, " he said, referring to the upswing in interest that hockey has had, since someone dared to change the format. " It is impossible to compare sailing and hockey in all aspects, " he said, but continuing: " from being fairly interesting, hockey is now the most interesting of all TV sports".
" Something must be learned from that, " he claims.

Krantz will make it so that it is allowed to touch marks, he will remove rules on mark roundings and the basic keep clear rules.

" Everything is allowed, except for the collision. Then both will be disqualified, " he said.
" If that doesn't work, we begin at the other end and enter simple rules that we need, "

An interesting experiment. I'm eager to see the results.



  1. Totally absurd. He will end up having to reinvent something like the RRS...

    Take a simple example. Two boats approaching each other on opposite tacks. Under his rules they don't want contact. But who will duck or tack first? It would just be a recipe for disaster.

  2. I suggested this in a letter to Yachts and Yachting about 25 years ago! Well worth a try!

    Tony Bridgewater

  3. Example. How do I round the next mark

  4. The idea is great but impossible to realize.
    I agree with the idea to semplify the rules, they are often too much complicate to use in easy way and also tricky to explain to young sailor.
    Otherwise i think rule 18 MUST be more simple even if it mean we can not spend more so many hours in Jury room....

  5. to tillerman: doeasn't metter who have to duck between port and starbord. The idea to reduce the rules at only one is this: BOTH boats have to do something to avoid collition so no one have to do someting but both

  6. It would be interesting to see what rules 'evolve'.

    Can you imagine, though, a big fleet of keel boats. Lots of boats converging and no one knows what they are supposed to do.

  7. Boat yards the world over will welcome this proposal as it guarantees them a prosperous future!

    The proposal is not that original - this is how the SB3 fleet seems to sail all the time!


  8. If this proposal was a bit more thought out it might qualify as "stupid." As it is, it doesn't even meet that level.

  9. How do we sail matchrace without rules? hehe


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