Friday, 31 October 2008

UMP_CALL | 9 & Ladies Only | 2

After some initial waiting for the wind to fill in, we had a nice day on the water with seven flights in and all 8 crews sailing at least once or twice. Although cold in the end the umpiring was good with everybody getting to know eachother. Some familiar, some new, but all in all a good umpire team.

Tonight we had a nice three course dinner at the club. The chairman made sure we mixed it up a little by insisting that no more than two of the same team could sit at any table. So I ended up having dinner with members of a British, a Finish and a French Team. My language skills only include a few words in French and no Finnish at all, so we spoke in English. I had a very nice dinner and met some interesting new people
Highlight of the evening was the presentation of a gift for all participants. The ladies received a hot water bottle which was very much appreciated by my right dinner companion, who declared she would definitely use it for cold feet back home. Being a poor medical student, she could economize on heating for another week or two.
In other words a very usefull present, this time. I was almost jealous, because all the men got was a cap. But finally decided that that was a more practical present for me after all.

For sure we talked about the rules within the umpire-team earlier. Jean Pierre - one of the other umpires - gave me this one, which I'm passing onto you:
Two boats in a match race approach the windward mark. Blue establishes an overlap to windward.
At the mark Yellow luffs and Blue protests! What is your decision?


  1. Rule 18.4 is the key. Is yellow's proper course to gybe. Maybe not, so her move is OK. Green flag.


  2. It appears that yellow had passed the line through the mark to the next leg. Therefore she was on a different leg from blue, and no longer entitled to luff her. Penalty yellow.

  3. Yellow has a choice of proper course, she is not obliged to gybe and she can luff if she wants to. Green and white flag.

  4. The trouble in these situations is that the umpire is never in a position to see for certain that both boats are on a different leg. Yellow might be still not completely passed the line, or Blue might also be passing the line.
    Barbara has the correct answer in this situation draw on paper. On the water I would hesitate to give Yellow the penalty unless I was in the right position to see....

  5. So Barbara and Jos are saying that the right of an inside leeward boat at a windward mark to sail to Africa if she chooses is taken away by rule C2.10?

    I see also that, inexplicably, while under rule 22.2 a boat is forbidden from changing course for the purpose of interfering with a boat on another leg, under rule C2.10 a boat is forbidden from NOT changing course if this interferes with a boat on another leg.

    I'm with Jos: if this developed I reckon I would mysteriously be out of position, and quite possibly tying up my shoelaces at the time.


  6. green flag.
    overlap was under 11. no 17 applies.
    yellow is row and intitled to have room.


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