Monday, 20 April 2009

Flog the Blog Day (17) +2

Being busy at the Criterium prevented me from doing a FTBD properly. (And to be honest I didn’t think about it until Outlook popped a warning when I got home.) So two day’s after the 18th, I’m catching up.
In the last FTBD I appealed to you as readers to send me pictures with something about the rules… That is proving to be harder then expected. Only one entry was ever send in and that is a shame. I was really hoping for a better response. I haven’t given up (yet), so please send me a rules pic or drawing, preferably unique but from any source. Does not have to be professional, does not have to be in color, it can be a drawing, but it has to be something about the rules……
Andraz, I’m counting on you, for sure!
To give you a whole lot of pictures I’ve uploaded the stash from Calpe to Flickr and you can have a look :
They are not all mine. Andraz, Sofie, César and Maria took most of them. Thanks for letting me use them. I’ve reduced the pixels to let you load quicker, if you want the original you’ll have to ask.
Women MR Calpe 2009 -282
For next month a few interesting projects will be posted. I’m tempted to rename May in to Markroom month. An article by Mike Butterfield will featured, some idea’s I have myself about this subject and a couple of cases among them.
Watch this space for more about
On a different note I must mention my honorary inclusion in Tillerman's Top Ten Blog list. Thank you very much, Tillerman!
To all readers, go and have a look at his blog – if you haven’t already. This is what he writes himself:
“I am a grandfather who sails a Laser. Even though I am over 60, I suffer under the delusion that it is not too late to discover how to sail smarter and faster. In this blog I write mainly about sailing and my endless pursuit to become a better sailor. Read this blog if you want to learn from my mistakes -- there are plenty -- and to share in the fun of Laser racing Tillerman style.”
His subjects are wide and versatile and he writes far better then me. You will even come across a rules-issue now and then. Go to: Proper Course

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  1. So here's a video with some interesting Rules questions. What must Giddy Up do to exonerate herself and finish the race? And how would you score any boats whose finish was affected by Giddy Up's unorthodox maneuver?


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