Friday, 10 April 2009

Links on Anyday; Books - CYA Appeals and Sailing Games

Links found in Scuttlebutt:
The Canadian Yachting Association Appeals book for the 2009-2012 rules is now available to download free of charge from the CYA website:
The CYA and ISAF have also provided permission for commercial printers to print single copies from electronic files for the CYA Appeals Book for 2009-2012, and for the Case Book for 2009-2012 for the International Sailing Federation;;. Print the letter on the CYA website and take it with you if you have your Appeals Book and Case Book printed at a commercial printer or copy shop.

Yachting New Zealand has produced a brand new Sailing Games book. The book is a collection of forty fun games to improve skills and knowledge, ten for on shore and thirty for on the water. This fully illustrated book is a great tool for coaches and loads of fun for parents and sailors. It also makes a great birthday present or gift for another occasion. -- SailRaceWin, read on:

While you're on the New Zealand web site, a couple of Q&A's you might find interesting: Race Management Q & A


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  2. I've downloaded the CYA Appeals and looked at several of them. Thus far, my overall impression is that many of them don't seem very "publishable" in the sense that they elucidate an unclear point in the application of the RRS or Prescriptions.
    In several cases, there seem to be fundamental and egregious errors that were rightly corrected, but I doubt that the poor defenseless electrons should die so that we can all read about it.
    Then again, electrons are hardly and endangered species and are so easily recycled.


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