Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Rapid Response Team Racing Calls 2009/004 & 2009/005

New on the ISAF Website: Rapid Response Team Racing Call 2009/004 and 2009/005

The first call illustrates the application of rule D1.1(b) and answers this question:

A on starboard enters the zone of a windward mark clear ahead of X. X tacks onto port and then tacks back onto starboard. She then establishes an inside overlap with A from clear astern. Does A have to give X mark-room?

The second is an official answer to the team race situation discovered by Chris Love from Sailgroove
and discussed earlier in this post: RRS 18.2(c) changed in US College Sailing!

The Move is Legal!
But we already knew, didn't we ?

Read the whole call here: RapidResponseTRCall2009005-[7187].pdf


  1. I don't think Chris Love from sail groove discovered this. he's just the guy who runs that website. who was in the video?

  2. Can someone clarify please the meaning of a boat leaving the ZONE? Is it the exact opposite of being in the ZONE? Which means only 'any part of her hull' need be outside the ZONE? Alfie

  3. My answer would be that the whole hull of the boat must leave the zone. the definition of zone says "A boat is in the zone when any part of her hull is in the zone."
    Therefore all of the hull must be outside the zone for a boat to leave it. Otherwise, by definition, she is in it.

  4. @Anonumous 1:
    You are right: Matt Knowles was the first one.
    Go to: http://www.sailgroove.org/videos/speaker/1804-matt-knowles/84529-episode-7-a-new-mark-trap
    for his explanation.


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