Friday, 17 April 2009

MR Criterium, Calpe; Spain |005

Friday the 17th 11:28; Predictions have changed; 10 knots at 11:00 hours and decreasing later. Hopefully we will have enough wind to finish the Round Robin and start quarter finals.
At the moment it doesn't look like we can go out. Wind is still to low. In order to finish the flights inckuding the missed matches from the previuous two days we need to do four and three/quarter flights; 15 matches. About three and a half hours of sailing.

22:58 hours; back in my hotelroom after another long day on the water. We went out around 11:55 and came in around 19:15 hours, but we sailed all the remaining  matches in the round robin and did the quarter finals.

Semi- and finals we will do tomorrow. A couple of calls of interest but I'll save them for later. I first have to post Fact Finding on Friday before it's Saterday…
For the results go to

Oh, at dinner I got my "nickname". We were all given presents by Maria and Sofia, who went shopping just before. You can guess at mine, I'm not going to tell you.. save that a web is involved.



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