Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Rival & Top Dog, Pam & Stan, Interloper & Steadfast, Ajay & Beth and of course Pedro & Stuart

You must have a look at the latest article on rule 18 by Dick Rose in Sailing World:
Luffing, Late Overlaps, Tacking and Jibing at Marks

As the chairman of the ISAF Racing Rules Committee Working Party he was instrumental in wording the new Mark and Obstruction rules. In this article he not only explains the changes and the effect it has, but also why they were changed - and how they were mend to fix the 'holes' in the old rules.

A short quote from the article:
"New Rule 18.2(e) only applies to overlaps established from clear astern. This condition was added so that a boat that tacked into an outside overlap could not deny mark-room to the inside boat, as in the following example. At a windward mark to be left to starboard, Stan is close-hauled on starboard tack in the zone. Pam tacks into a lee bow position very close to leeward of Stan, and then Rule 18.2(a) applies and entitles Stan to room to tack (see the definition Mark-Room). If we did not limit Rule 18.2(e)'s application to overlaps established from clear astern, then Pam could claim that from the time the overlap began (when she turned past head to wind) she was so close to Stan that she was unable to give him room to tack."

You can find the whole article by clicking on:
Luffing, Late Overlaps, Tacking and Jibing at Marks



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