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Snagging the Finishmark?

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Tillerman asks:
So here's a video with some interesting Rules questions. What must Giddy Up do to exonerate herself and finish the race? And how would you score any boats whose finish was affected by Giddy Up's unorthodox manoeuvre?


  1. To _finish_ Giddy Up must do a One Turn Penalty, then cross the finish line from the direction from the last mark.

    No redress is available. The RC does not commit an improper action: it is not possible for the RC to reposition or substitued the displaced mark under rule 34. Giddy Up does not break a rule of Part 2 (or cause injury or physical damage), There is no help, lack of sportsmanship or gross misconduct involved.

    The RC could, perhaps contrive to commit an improper action, such as arbitrarily scoring boats in breach of Appendix A, or abandoning the race without considering all competitors in breach of rule 32.1, which would open the door to the PC giving redress.

    It looks like this is a One Design scratch race, and there is video to show that the finising sequence was not affected by the movement of the buoy, so there is no significant effect on any boat's score and thus no need for redress.

    If there was a need for time correction, the video shows the distance by which the buoy was displaced: the PC could easily enough use average speed of the boats to calculate a reasonably accurate time correction for any boats affected.

  2. Used to be that you'd have to re-round the finish mark. Would this still constitute a 360 penalty or do both the tack and the gybe have to be between the last mark and the finish line, before the [2nd] correct finish line crossing?

  3. Brass is correct in assessing what Giddy Up must do to exonerate and finish. Andrew is dating himself by using the 're-round' term. That went out 16 or 20 years ago, but still won't die. I don't agree with Brass on the OD race, but am assuming from the comments that it is a PHRF race. The mark didn't move far enough that it would have any real affect on the other boat's time and I doubt anyone would file for or receive redress.
    As PRO, I did have a finish mark break loose while boats were finishing downwind in a J-35 OD event. It was a small event and the boats were lined up so I simply kept an eye on the spot where the mark was and finished boats as they crossed. Everyone figured out what was happening and nobody complained. Excellent example of why every mark boat should have Code Flag M and a whistle handy.

  4. All I can say is that Ron and Leeanne are really better sailors than that. Great people too! I don't think they will EVER live this one down.
    They would have to "unwind the string" by crossing back through the finish line, do their turn and come back through the line in the direction from the last mark.

  5. But can the penalty turn be made in the finish-side and then the boat sail back to the course side and recross the finish line?

    In rules C2.1 and C7.2(d) there is nothing that says that the penalty should be done in the course side. Actually the words of C7.2(d)

    A penalized boat shall not be recorded as having finished until she takes her penalty and sails completely to the course side of line [...]

    are in a order so that the the "make the penalty" is before the coming back to the course side.

  6. As co-skipper of Giddy Up, I can attest that we appropriately exonerated ourselves by keeping clear of other boats while sailing back through the line, doing one circle and refinishing from the course side of the line. As Edith stated it, we "unwound the string." Of course, I can also attest to the fact that, at the time, we weren't really happy about snagging the mark. Now, however, we're just amazed that it was imortalized on utube and wound up here! By the way, great site! Thanks for the heads up, Edith!

  7. There were multiple fleets finishing. Giddy Up (aka Giddit Off) was part of the OD Santana 20 fleet. The video came from a Laser 28 filming and timing their competition in PHRF.

  8. Giddy Up could have done her turn on either side of the finish line, provided she then crossed the finish line from the direction of the last mark.

    There was no need for Giddy Up to 'unwind her string'. If the 'string' loops completely around a mark it will pass or touch the mark on the required side as required by rule 28.1.

  9. Thnks Brass, that was really my question. I know that re-rounding went out a long time ago.
    I'm happy to have dated myself [Anonymous - would be nice if you named yourself here.] I recognised Frankie Howerd on Proper Course too!


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