Saturday, 11 April 2009

UK-Halsey Rules Quiz Google Gadget

I received an Email from UK-Halsey about a new feature they've created:

For the last seven years UK-Halsey Sailmakers has been teaching the racing rules of sailing with our animated rules quizzes. To help get our quizzes out to more sailors, we have created a Google Gadget that can easily be installed on websites. The gadget has five quizzes, which once it is installed can be updated by UK-Halsey automatically. In fact we will rotate the quizzes every few weeks. When the user clicks to get the answer, a new window opens up for the UK-Halsey web site where they can find all 26 quizzes. We foresee the gadget creating traffic for the host's site as well as the UK-Halsey site.

By the way, we have posted just posted a new quiz that we have not even announced in our newsletter yet. It covers the rules at a downwind start. If you would like to be the first to call attention to it, please be my guest.

I've installed the gadget in the sidebar, after tweaking with the width of the blog a little. If you have problems with the page on a smaller screen because of it, please let me know so I can change the width accordingly.

Looks like a nice feature; your can go through a situation each time you have a few minutes, so you'll know them by hart after a while.

Oh, Quiz 26 is brand new!

The answer hasn't been even written yet on the UK-Halsey site.
Perhaps we can help them: You provide the answer in a comment here, so Rob Overton doesn't have to do all the work.....



  1. Red's hail for room arises from the committee boat being a mark and an obstruction. Rule 18 deals with marks and rule 19 obstructions. These are rules of section C. The preamble to Section C says that section C rules do not apply at a starting mark surrounded by navigable water or at its anchor line from the time boats are approaching them to start until they have passed them. Therefore rules 18 and 19 do not apply.

    Red was to windward of green and keep clear boat under rule 11. She kept clear so that neither boat was penalised.

    It is important, when reading the rules, to pay attention to the definitions and the preambles to sections A and C.


  2. The graphics size was just barely big enough for me; I did not notice at first that Quiz 26 contains two 'Situations'.

    The boats are approaching a starting mark to start, so rules 18-20 don't apply. First situation, rule 11 applies and was obeyed.
    Second situation, rule 17 also limits Leeward's course after the starting signal, Leeward broke rule 17. Windward is in position to file a valid protest -- even if she uses 18 or 19 or her erroneous hail for room as basis, it is still valid.

    Neither boat is likely to bring up the facts about how the overlap started, and Leeward's delay in bearing off relative to the starting signal. A thorough protest committee, going through each rule that might apply, would ask about these facts. Even then, then the boats might not remember how overlap started, given their mindsets on the water.

  3. @OHara
    Well found, I had missed the second situation myself completely. Perhaps the gadget should have a button to a full screen display...

  4. I agree with O'Hara. The 'gadget' graphic is too small to be much use, but it still takes up too much screen 'real-estate' space.

    How about just a link to UK Halsey?


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