Thursday, 16 April 2009

MR Criterium, Calpe; Spain |004

Thursday has come and gone again. A full day on the water with lots of sailing, lots of sunshine, bigger and bigger waves, and wind blowing 21 knots late in the afternoon.
More wind meant more breakdowns. Although we didn't have as many blank starts as the first day, we did have a few. For failing gib-haylards, for water in the boat and for hard to get up spinnakers, to name but a few.

Also - almost unavoidable - red flags a plenty. Bill, who's running the jury, had to organize panels on the water as well as on shore. I sat in a few of them.

The one on the water was over pretty quick. The two competitors sailed to different top marks. One of them was wrong and the other would win the match. Since the RC removed the "wrong" mark for the second rounding it was pretty obvious, even to the sailors, who that was going to be. Ten minutes, over and done. It took more time to get everybody of and on the boats…

What do you do with a protest about contact between boats before the sequence has begun?
We had to answer that, because of a collision - with damage - between port and starboard, both sailing without a gib.

Perhaps you can answer that in a comment?
Which rule do you need to look at, regardless of the situation?

7 matches the first day, 8 today, makes 15 in total. We need a couple more before we can do the next stage. Predictions are good - the same as last two days - so that should be do-able.

Until tomorrow then, I'm going to look for my pillow.


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  1. Contact before starting sequence

    Assume Part 2 rules apply: preamble to Part 2.

    Boat may red flag protest for a breach of rule 14 when damage or injury results (rule C6.2(a)).

    Boat that breaks a rule of Part 2 (except rule 23.1), when not _racing_ shall not be penalised for breaking that rule.

    EXCEPT for rule 8.6 - the MR Damage penalty rule.

    Was there an element of grossosity? Was the contact seriously careless, or intentional? If so, rule 69.

    A boat that is not at fault may be given redress under rule 62.1(b). Could the match be abandoned then the not at fault boat given redress of points for first place?


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