Sunday, 19 April 2009

MR Criterium, Calpe; Spain |006

18/04/09 10:34 hours; Final day. We will have to shorten the program definitely, there's NO wind. Semi Finals and RR for places 5 trough 8 is the plan, but if we will be able to make it, I don't know
Cases for the debrief? We didn't do a debrief yesterday because of the late hour. What we did have are two classics, I would say. What is the definition of Mark room and luffing as right of way boat. 18.2(a) & 16.1. I'll get back to them later. Delta has just gone up and we're going out.

It's now, 19/04/09 08:26 hours, I'm continuing this post I started yesterday but never got time to finish. My plane for Amsterdam leaves in less then two hours, so I'll have to check in pretty soon. Perhaps I can finish this post once I've done that.

Because of the lack of wind we didn't eventually do the finals. Of the semi-finals we sailed 4 matches. Claire against Lotte and Katie against Julie.
At first it looked like we would end up with a French final. After three races it was Claire 2 - Lotte 1 and Julie 2 - Katie 1. After a few shifts and some waiting we did the fourth match. Claire won again, but Julie didn't! A tie 2-2. The boats already struggled to get in, in the ever more light breeze. It was clearly not enough to start another match.

Then the waiting begun.

Calculating: one final match in the Semis; half an hour, Best of three in the finals / petit finals; potentially three races: one and a half hour?.. cut-of time was 19:30
So calculating back we needed to start at 17:30 to have a fair change of getting everything done.

No luck… 17:30 came and went still no wind.
At 18:00 hours Ewan - who also had a look at the forecast - pulled the plug; and we went in.

So now we need to calculate a winner using the tie rules in Appendix C. Here's your problem:
Semi finals:    CLAIRE 3 - LOTTE 1 &  JULIE 2 - KATIE 2
No Finals and No Petit-Finals.
How do you determine who has won the event? And who's second etc?
Have a go at the rule book and give me your answer in a comment with the appropriate rules

16:59 hours; I'm back home! Half my bags unpacked, last mail checked on the desk-top. Outlook reminded me that I've missed Flog the Blog Day. It will have to wait a little longer.


  1. MR Tie Breaking
    First: Uncompleted knockout series shall be decided in favour of the competitor with the highest score (rule C10.5), hence: Claire (3), Julie and Katie tied (2), and Lotte (1).

    Next Ties in knockout series shall be broken in favour of competitor (a) who has highest place in the most recent round-robin (and only if this does not break the tie, do we go to (b) has won the most recent match). Standings in the round-robin were Katie 5 and Julie 6. Tie resolved in favour of Katie Spithill.

    Jos, was there a story about the British woman falling from first in the RR to 7th? And how did the Spanish woman pick up 0.5 point (which I assume was a damage penalty, in the final result when it wasn't shown in any rr or quarterfinals results?

  2. @ Brass - your approach is not correct. C10.5 does apply to the two opponents of a knock out series only. Claire 3 - Lotte 1 means that Claire goes into the virtual final, Lotte in the petit final. For Julie and Katie use C11.2 (a), where Katie finished 5th and Julie 6th.
    Now, you have to break to two more ties - the Final (Claire vs Katie 0-0) and the Petit Final with Lotte vs Julie 0-0.
    You again need to use C11.2(a) and back to the RR, it's Claire 2nd and Katie 4th and Lotte 8th and Julie 6th.
    The final results are Claire - Katie - Julie - Lotte.

  3. OK, got it. Thanks.


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