Sunday, 26 April 2009

Sunday Rules Snap Homeground

Second in the new series 'Sunday Rules Snap' a rules picture from Menno:
He is sailing the red boat and has to give room at the mark to the sailor with the orange cap.
He writes: "
The boat in the middle between the two other boats seems to break rule 18.3. It seems that the middle boat has tacked. You can see in the picture that the person has his hands at a position which you would have after a tack".

Whether or not this is a rule 18.3 infringement depends if Menno needed to luff above close-hauled. Perhaps after this snap was taken? In the photo he is still at a close-hauled course, his sail is fully 'used'.

Taken on the Sneekermeer, Class: Splash, Event: Easterregatta at a windward mark.

Thanks Menno!


  1. If 2263 is coming in from above the Starboard layline and "orange hat" tacks under him, forcing 2262 to sail higher than his proper course to the mark, but not above close hauled, there is no violation. Correct?

  2. Correct, as long 2263 is keeping clear while tacking.


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