Friday, 3 April 2009

VOR Request for Redress Telefonica Blue: Decision

I posted about a request for redress by Telefonica Blue in this post: Links on Monday: Boats and VOR Request for Redress

In the request, Bouwe Bekking, skipper of the VOR -boat, asked for redress because his boat hit something under water just before the start of leg 5, remember?

The Volvo Ocean Race Official Noticeboard just published the decision of the International Jury:

No luck for Telefonica Azul!

The jury concluded that there was no error or omission by the Race Committee or Organizing Authority. One of the three conditions for granting redress was not fulfilled! Then, even if the other two are, there can be no compensation awarded.

From the Request fro Redress:
17. The Race Committee made reasonable efforts to ensure the start was set in a safe area.
18. Whilst there was no obligation on the Race Committee to postpone or abandon the
race had they known the reason why Telefonica Azul had suspended racing, there was no possibility for it to do so as it had no information on which to base such a decision.
19. There is no obligation on the Race Committee or the Organising Authority to provide constant access to a port."

You can read the whole paper: Telefonica Azul request for redress decision VOR09 JN12



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