Tuesday, 14 April 2009

MR Criterium, Calpe; Spain |002

I've arrived safe and sound, with all my bags intact and accounted for. It's a sunny 20 degrees and a nice breeze. Today is practice day and the first boats have gone out, for a couple of hours. The TOM 28 with a five woman crew is a bit crowded, so good discipline and fixed tasks is probably best.

The boats are well suited for Match Racing, fast enough to satisfy the sailing 'rush' but not so fast turning, you loose control. (Which suits us umpires better as well)

I've already had a look around Calpe and walked around the waterfront to town. (Forgot my toothbrush, so had to buy a new one). I'm also thinking about climbing the rock early one morning, although my condition is not so good. The view should be spectacular....

Scuttlebutt posted my Monday Q&A so welcome to all visitors. Have a look around and leave a comment if you want. (Subscription buttons are top of the sidebar)

More later, J

PS: Thank you Sen, for your kind wishes!
And to Anonymous: I'll ask about criterium instead of criteria....

UPDATE 23:32

I'm back at my hotel room after the first briefing with competitors, opening ceremony and dinner with the umpire group.

"It's a culture thing" Ewan said to me after the opening ceremony: "Apparently the alderman can hang a plaque in his office saying he did the opening of such and such sporting event"
Four serious guys in smart suits droning on about Calpe and the club... Titles left and right.

Fortunately they included Silke Hahlbrock - last years winner - who kept it short and simple. And the last speaker actually tried to be a little more engaging and interactive. Which got him dirty looks from the prevoius three... The Spanish lady who translated was also very quick, but still.... If the words are boring, what can you do?

Calpe - as a town - does a lot for Match Racing and Sailing, so everybody will still turn up at these openings and applaud, but really......

The team of umpire is complete save one. With many of them knowing each other from other events - a smooth team already. And almost all, with a nickname apparantly.... (which I'm not allowed to post, so I'm told). I wonder what mine will be....
Time for bed, it's past midnight..



  1. Criterium is a type of event common in cycling.

    Criterium does not, as far as I know, have the same meaning as criterion/criteria.

  2. Dear Jos;
    It was very good you had arrived safe and sound, with all my bags.
    Ewan is Mr.Ewan McEwan (GBR IU)? If so, please pass on my best regards to him. It's sure a small world, sailing in particular.
    sen yamaoka


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