Friday, 28 December 2007

Arbitration or Protest?

Last couple of years we've been trying to introduce Arbitration at our local events, as an alternative way in handling rule infringements, in stead of a complete protest-hearing. There are a couple of requirements before a protest can be dealt with in this way. For instance, Arbitration cannot be used if there's damage or injury. ISAF has not long ago published an amendment to the IJ-manual on this subject; 06_IJ Manual_arbitration07 You can read how the whole process is to be handled.
Our introduction has not been very successful. For most sailors the whole protest-procedure is not very well know, let alone an alternative like arbitration.
There are classes and events who've been using arbitration for longer. I'm very interested in their findings. How many protest are handled by arbitration, what is the percentage used for penalty and do the sailors request arbitration? If you have experience, please mail me or leave a comment.


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