Sunday, 9 December 2007

Dick Rose

American Rules Expert Dick Rose publishes articles about the rules in Sailing World. Usually because of questions from readers. You can have a look at his latest piece titled: What Happens When Rule 18 Doesn’t Apply?
It explains a 3 boat situation approaching a windward mark.

He also has a clear explanation about when a penalty is beginning.
The archive goes back a bit - his first article is from Oct 2001 - but still good reading. Good graphics too.
The only criticism I have is that he names the boats after a person. Persons are not protested, boats are. People on board represent the boat in a protest..... Or am I now being pedantic?


  1. I think you are being pedantic. Boats often have people's names and I'm sure that what Mr Rose means here.

  2. Right;
    I found 1 Charlie, no Arnies and 1 Beth (Miller).
    It does happen....but not often.


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