Tuesday, 4 December 2007


Since I started this blog, I've discovered a whole new world out "there". I've tried to find other blogs who write about the RRS, but so far I have found only incidental posts on sailing blogs or websites. But I'm sure I haven't even visited half of them.
A very good sailing blog and one of the first I stumbled upon, was
Proper Course written by Tillerman. He now has done a post on me and listed Look to Windward among his sailing blogs. The increase in traffic is clearly visible in Google Analytics. Thanks Tillerman!
If there are any other blogs or sites who want to link to this one, please feel free to do so. If you drop me a mail or comment I'll have look and see if I can return this courtesy.
I'm especially interested in blogs who focus or at least have a more than passing interest in the rules.


  1. I'll certainly be adding a link to you from my site - I found you as a result of the Tillerman link.

  2. Thanks Stephen.
    I can't return the favor because your profile is not available.


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