Friday, 7 December 2007


As a Race committee we communicate with sailors by hoisting flags on the starting vessel. Nothing to it, each flag has it's meaning and with a little effort, we can easily tell a whole story. Right?

Can anyone tell me what this RC is up to?


  1. Hmmm. Lots of flags. Not sure what they all mean...

    The Y flag means personal buoyancy must be worn,

    There appears to be a black flag up, which means Rule 30.3 is in effect.

    Are some of the other flags class flags?

  2. Those poor 420 kids (yellow class flag next to the black) have to start in less than 4 minutes. They have there life-jackets on, and....
    Surely an experienced sailor, like you Tillerman, should be able to tell what else this RO is signalling?
    Or does he know himself?

  3. Well, I assume the flag below the Y flag means something but I don't recognize it.

    Not flags, but the signal boards indicate that the bearing to the first mark is 295 and the 3 presumably is a course designation.

    What am I missing?

  4. You're getting there.... only 5 flags not yet identified.
    I'll give you a hint: Rule 42.
    And think of.....

    BBWEEEEEAAAAPP(big long sound signal)

    to late... Black is gone
    One minute to go......

  5. Only 5 flags were missing:
    The one below Yankee is the Oscar Flag. In the 420-class this switches off the restrictions on propulsion under rule 42. When the wind increases above a certain level this flag is used to inform sailors they may pump, rock and roll etc. To switch on rule 42 again, the Romeo flag is used.
    The bigger yellow flag is the course identifying flag (Yellow course area (or Foxtrot)) This photo was taken in Kiel were there are 9 course areas, each with its own color.
    The two smaller colored flags, yellow and green, are to identify the starting groups. The 420 class sails qualification races in 4 or 6 groups.
    Finally the German National Flag (black/red/gold) and the club flag, in this case the Kieler Yacht club


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